im John from Philippines how do you shorten the affiliate link of the product that you promote , for some reason I tried to start my first campaign using google adwords but it only accepts 30characters while the url of the affiliate links has 52 characters how do we deal with that? You May Also Like Write Quality articles instead of quantity, DO keyword research, and learn K/W research if you don’t know and then Write.. How to Pick the Right Keywords at the START, and avoid the losers Picture this scenario. A newbie marketer, fresh out of the BlackHatWorld mailing list and forums, signs up for ClickBank. They check out a few offers on the front page and see their low values. Skeptical, they shrug and throw up a basic site with a few pages of content and a few links to that offer. Then they go out and traffic from Fiverr or whatever the flavor of the week seller is on BHW. The traffic arrives, shrugs, and leaves. The marketer sees their expenses going down the drain without a single conversion to show for it, and decide the problem lies with ClickBank. They’ve converted themselves into an antiCB believer, and will happily tell you how it wasted their money when they tried it.

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Jubu June 28, 2018 Reply This means that I HAVE to check out Clickbank to see what kinds of goodies they carry in my niche. It would be foolish to ignore this sound advice, and I never considered myself a fool. Thanks a billion for the heads up. Strategy Guides who’s infomercial has done over $100 Million in sales over the Gael Breton - December 23, 2015 日本語 Join MySurvey, a fun paid survey site that has paid its members over $32 Million so far. Yes $32,000,000! I recommend you adopt a naming convention for ids like paleo-mail1-2. It won’t happen instantly, but if you write enough articles and submit to enough sites that get decent traffic, it will happen. InStyle About Mike This will deliver your prospects to The Digital Affiliates sales page and make sure that you get proper credit for the sale. Perhaps you could have just mentioned a download page for the free e-book. 2. Amazon is reliable Donald Gavin says How to pick products to promote After reading this article, I realized how silly I was, I push away all my potential customers out of the door. April 30, 2010 at 8:02 pm For hardcore scalers: It's ultimately up to which products will serve your audience out the most. If you chose a niche that's fairly wide and expandable, you'll have the options to promote physical and digital products to them. Giving you the opportunity to earn commissions from both Clickbank and Amazon. Neville says: February 16, 2018 at 10:42 PM Small Business Resources Think about that for a second... There is good introductory material here but at 4.99 it's very overpriced. On my iPad it's 47 pages. I'd consider that to be in the .99-2.99 realm. The content doesn't justify the price. provide world wide popularity. Books, art The site is easy to navigate and it’s simple to find your affiliate links to start promoting products and services. Higher commission percentages means you’ll make more money from the product sales. WordPress Affiliate Marketing Gael Breton - October 22, 2015 The autoresponder is still the best marketing tool that I know of. Thanks for sharing this with everyone. Related Book You now have the formula to a make massive amounts of money with Clickbank (or any other affiliate network). It takes more work than the hit and run model but the payoffs are much higher. I hope you enjoy this post and I hope it opened your eyes to what it really takes to make money with Clickbank. Your comments are welcome. If you felt I’ve left anything out and you have a question, please post it. 9 Ways to Cloak Your ClickBank Hoplinks I’m going to teach you how to do that today! The 7-day cookie duration, however, is a turn-off. Curso De Operador De Perfuratriz says: February 10, 2018 at 12:35 AM Affiliate Disclosure Bob, Making Money Online as the First Step of Our Wealth Building Strategy You have to be incredibly dedicated to make money online. It’s not for everyone. Hope you will :) Examples of Successful eBay Partners Network (EPN) Affiliates Retail Price: $29.95 Direct linking: This means you’ll send people directly to the vendor’s sales page. This used to work well and still does in some rare cases but most of the time, it’s not recommended to go down that route. You need to “warm up” your visitor first before sending them to the offer page. Unfortunately, because this is the lazy man’s route, a lot of people choose it. Ndayishimiye Boaz, Making affiliate sales online Find A Niche Thank you for all your work and insights. Reading this book has helped me in the most simplest ways, I was able to get a running start on my business. 04:07 3.After i had promoted a product and i get customers and i had completed two requirements that its payment threshold and customer distribution requirement how will i know that my paper check now  is ready to be delivered to my bank? If you're new to affiliate marketing, the idea of earning commissions for promoting other people's products can be both exciting and confusing. How do you know how much you'll earn? How is the sale tracked and reported? When will you get paid for the sales you've driven? March 15, 2010 at 2:36 pm Clickbank is one of the largest marketplaces for Affiliate products. Most of the trending and highly converting products are from health niche like weight loss, beauty, stay fit and much more. So at first, you should discover a product to promote on your website and blog and make sure the product you are going to promote is relevant to your website audience. If you have a landing page, add the link of your landing page to your profile. It’s the same process. The Clickbank Affiliate Secret – Pay Attention That’s about it, here’s an example product I’ve chosen: Productivity When you refer to writing a blog post; are you assuming that one has a niche site already built or can this blog post live on a lead page for example? Updated 12 Jan 2015: New resources added – "More Keyword Tweaking Tips (Updated for 2015)" and "My Favorite Way to Get Subscribers Every Day!" Vance List of Free Blogging Sites “Thank you for your interest in ClickBank! Outstanding blog post Gael! This guide for optimizing ClickBank as an affiliate is exactly what I was searching for. Thank you very much for sharing this. Cheers! 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